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Meet the Yakamore team...

Jane Mark and Phil Basten have been helping people succeed on the net for the past ten years. They joined forces and launched their Australian company, JPE Advertising, which was a highly profitable endeavor in its first year. They have developed some of the most innovative websites and scripts on the net including a list building management system, various advertising scripts, and some of the most effective targeted advertising services on the web.

In 2007 JAM Marketing Inc, a New York Corporation, became the flagship company.

Their latest endeavor, Yakamore, was born in 2012 and was created to meet the advertising needs of the internet business community by helping to increase the advertising reach of small business owners.

Phil Basten - Kulesearch Developer

Meet Phil Basten, Glenelg, Australia.
Director of Marketing and Development.
Co-Owner, JPE Advertising

Phil Basten is the marketing consultant for JAM Marketing Inc. He is also part owner of JPE Advertising, and is the developer of KuleSearch.

A good friend once described him as having more ideas than a dog has fleas. He took this as a compliment. Phil is an innovative, insightful, product generating, marketing machine. His focus is developing products and services that work online. His favorite phrase is. "We develop the marketing tools others copy."

Phil has extensive knowledge in counseling, sales training, and the advertising industry. His a charter member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors. He has extensive marketing experience. He was involved in the advertising agency industry, in Australia, for more than 25 years working for such prestigious companies as Ogilvy & Mather, Fortune Advertising and Leo Burnett as a concept creator/ copywriter. His contemporaries dubbed him, the "Ad-Man".

These vastly different fields and skills have given Phil a unique insight into what makes people tick, what they want, and why they respond the way they do.

He has created the ideas for a vast number of advertising services owned and operated by JPE Advertising., the most popular being Croc-Ads, Viral-Ads Depot, Free-Ad Depot, Target-Ads Depot, Credit Ads Depot, WebPro Times, Joe? Yes Mable? Are We Rich Yet?, the Joe and Mable Show, Aussie from Down-Under, Sokule, and way too many others to list here.

Phil takes care of technical development, website design, product and concept creation, and creative copy-writing for JPE Advertising, Jam Marketing Inc. and Sokule, Inc.


Jane Mark - Kulesearch President

Meet Jane Mark, New York, NY...
President, JAM Marketing Inc., Sokule Inc.,
Co-Owner JPE Advertising

Jane is a pocket dynamo who has a typical New York attitude. "Don't tell me how hard it is or how much effort it will take, get it done."

Jane has extensive knowledge of the business world. She ran a multi-million dollar real estate partnership called JED Management Corp. She started her own successful catering business in the heart of New York City's Central Park. You guessed it, it was called "Jane's".

Like, Phil she has extensive knowledge of peoples needs and behavior patterns having received her masters in psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York and a BA from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. This training and her extensive business background have given Jane a unique perspective into both doing business on the internet and discovering what people want by asking the right kinds of questions.

Jane is the author of 3 successful ebooks, All Your Lists In One Place, Joe? Yes Mable Are We Rich Yet? and The Magic Bullet. Jane takes care of JV Partnerships and marketing. She writes many of the creative ads that gives the business its zing!


Is a division of Sokule Inc
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New York, NY, 10003
Support Desk

Meet the Programming and Support Team...

Sandeep Aher

Meet Sandeep Aher, Nashik , India
Director, eLuminous Technologies (Sokule Development Company)

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Sandeep heads a professional team that has worked with top companies who are developing commerce websites, Web 2.0 sites, Membership sites, and business sites. He travels frequently to Singapore market and regularly keeps touch with various top business people. He has keen interest in bringing new tools to the market that help his clients achieve their vision.

About eLuminous Technologies:

eLuminous Technologies is an India based company that provides Offshore Software development, Application Development, Web Design and Web Development solutions to clients in USA, Europe, Singapore and around the globe.

eLuminous Technologies Services:

  • eCommerce Solutions

  • PHP MySQL Programming (Portals and Websites)

  • Web Designing

  • Dedicated Professionals

  • Back office Services

KuleSearch Team:

The KuleSearch team is a highly experienced team that has worked on variety of projects, including CrocAds, and Sokule, a membership based, email marketing site. They started work on KuleSearch in July 2010 with the goal to develop the site in such a way that every user experiences a high level of satisfaction while using KuleSearch.

Kulesearch Team Vision:

To make KuleSearch the world’s number one business friendly social media search engine.

Eluminous Team

Kulesearch Support Team:

Manning the support desk are Frank Visich and Vishal Dahale. They make the engines run like clockwork.